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Using Hashtags in Real Estate

Posted by Molly Wolchansky | Apr 14, 2020

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Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to boost views on posts by your company’s social media accounts. Better yet, they’re free to use and easy to understand. Most consumers spend almost two and half hours every day swiping through social media. It only makes the most sense to use this avenue of marketing to direct more business to your real estate company. You can attract clientele from near and far by selecting the most marketable hashtags and using them effectively.

How to Use Hashtags in Social Media Posts

The best way to use hashtags to market your real estate company is by creating an engaging post. This means having a picture to draw in potential clients. Images can tell the story of your brand, showcase a new listing, or highlight a new venue in the area. You should also include one to two sentences for a short post that explains what you’re offering, whether it be a new listing, general marketing, or a photo with current clients at their closing. Then select a few relevant hashtags to add before you click “post”.

Selecting the right hashtags to use can be intimidating if you don’t have experience in this area of social media marketing. However, it is a very easy process of simple research that takes only a few minutes. It’s recommended to use between nine hashtags on Instagram and one hashtag on Twitter to get an influx in post engagement. On Instagram, you should use hashtags that are relevant for broad and local audiences. Use something like #newlisting for a broad audience and #forsalealexandria for a local market. You should also use hashtags with a variety of previous uses. For instance, some hashtags have been used hundreds of thousands of times where others have only been used a hundred or so times. Use a sampling of these hashtags to pull in general viewership as well as those looking for something very specific.

Ideas and Examples

Marketing the Area

· Announce new businesses that are amenities to your selling region (#openingsoon, #newtotown, #localammenity, etc.)

· Highlight local attractions (#localattraction, #thingstodoin, #nightlife, etc.)

· Draw attention to small businesses (#momandpop, #smallbusiness, #shoplocal, etc.)

Marketing Specific Homes

· Spotlight specific features (#ingroundpool, #bonusroom, #sheshed, #motherinlawsuite etc.)

· Feature the neighborhood (#homeforsalemorningbirdestates, #purchaseinravenwoodcrossing, #housesforsaleinwashingtonelementarydistrict, etc.)

· Mention size of home (#fivebedroomhouseforsale, #3ksqftnowavailable, #studioundermarketvalue)

Marketing Your Company

· Post about recent closings (#happyclosing, #newhome, #newhomeowners, etc.)

· Post reviews from previous clients (#businessreview, #happyclients, #5starrating, et.)

· Feature current offerings (#wepayclosing, #$1koff, #nodownpayment, etc.)

· Introduce new agents (#meetandgreet, #newagent, #sellyourhomewith, etc.)

· Post when hiring (#nowhiring, #agentsneeded, #hiringrealestateagent, etc.)

Changing Trends

It is important to complete continuous research with social media. When apps and websites update, new features are added that can help make marketing your real estate agency easier. If a certain hashtag is trending, you may be able to gain some interest from using it as it pertains to your posting. New people join sites like Instagram and Twitter every second of the day, so it’s also important to research how the younger generations are utilizing social media versus the older generations to target the right audience. After you’ve done your investigating, get busy creating those hashtags to capitalize on this free marketing method