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How to Market Your Real Estate Business on Facebook

Posted by Molly Wolchansky | Jul 14, 2020

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How to Market Your Real Estate Business on Facebook

Using social media to promote your listings and services is a no-brainer today. With younger sellers and buyers entering the market, you’ll want to capitalize on making advertisements they’re more likely to take notice of. Facebook is one of the biggest fish in the social media sea, so it makes sense to focus on this platform. Still, more goes into using this marketing tool than just slapping together a page and crossing your fingers. Take time to learn the best practices when marketing your real estate business on Facebook.

Create Useful Content: Don’t create a post without substance just to make consistent posts. Yes, the rule of thumb is to post on a regular basis. However, you don’t want to generate information that isn’t useful to your clients. Some good ideas of content are:

· When you create an album for one of your listings, users only see the first few pictures and will have to click into the album to see the rest. This generates curiosity and often generates new leads.

· Share your website pages, like listing catalogues and blog pages. Make sure your photo preview that goes with the post matches your branding or the content of the post.

· Success stories with pictures of some of your real clients will show potential buyers that they can do it too, and you’ll be able to help them every step of the way. Be sure to tag your clients in the post, so that they can share the memory every year for more views.

· Renovation project posts can show what clients can do to spruce up their home before listing. Future buyers can get ideas that will get them excited for their new home purchase and maybe help them see potential in a home that might not currently meet all their needs.

· Share local publications or interesting locations. By giving those relocating an idea of what the area has to offer, you can pull in more potential buyers.

Using Facebook Live: There are many ways to pull in viewership and show potential clients what you have to offer. You can create lessons on the home buying or selling process, discuss local events, host a virtual open house, and more.

Add to Your Post: There are a few things you’ll want to make sure you add to every post to maximize on their potential. Getting noticed is half the battle on Facebook.

· A Picture Says a Thousand Words - When you create content, you should always try to use a photo or video to draw in more clicks. A post with words alone is bound to get lost in the crowd of funny of cat videos and silly memes that fill everyone’s newsfeeds. You can use stock photos, photos with a quote, or ones that you’ve taken.

· #Hashtags - Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the truth is that they really work when utilized correctly. It’s helpful to read a full guide on this subject, but some basic information will get you started. You need to use a combination of generic real estate hashtags, like the broad terms someone might enter into a Google search, and customized hashtags with your business name or the city and state of a listing.

Using Facebook to market your real estate business is a valuable tool you’ll want to make sure you take advantage of. Invest some time into checking out your competition to ensure you stand out on the social media marketplace. Make your efforts go farther with a little bit of knowhow and practice, and soon you’ll be drawing in clients you never coul